27 April 2007

Idiosyncrasies in My Room

Do you ever find old to-do lists and feel satisfaction knowing some of those things got done? Better yet, do you cross them off before throwing away the list? I do.

I also find it a good idea to have neatly organized piles of things to do. Unfortunately, they can be overwhelming. Especially when whatever is on top is something you really don't feel like doing. Like sewing a new button on a favorite pair of pants.

Amy laughs at the fact that my clothes are hung in order by color. Whites to greys to tans and yellows to greens to blues to michemilies to purples to pinks to reds to oranges to golds and browns to blacks . . .

Amy and I do share our tendency to start throwing things away frantically when we get maxed out in our stuff allowance. We also share to the related strong feelings caused by seeing people's car radio presets not in numerical order. What's with that? The first time I saw presets not in numerical order, I was shocked to find that it was even possible. I guess somewhere in my brain I just knew that was how they had to be. Logically, I knew that you set them and no computer chip was involved in re-ordering them, however, I found the revelation disturbing.

Ever since I hung the shoe holder on the back of my door, the door does not close all the way. It drifts open if any doors are slammed in the house, or if someone rushes down the stairs. Because I don't like to sleep with my door open, I always put a flip flop under the door before sleeping. Interestingly enough, I have a pair of flip flops I do not like (one of those things you buy because it was buy one pair get one pair free, and they didn't have any other colors you liked), and they get used as door stops and spider killers.

I always have a stack of currently-being-read or currently-intending-to-be-read books on the edge of my book shelf, whether they've been there for a year or a few days . . . library books get preference because they have to be returned or I have to pay.

I have paintings leaning against things because I am afraid of driving nails into the walls. What if I move things and then I have to move them and then I have holes in the walls? I did finally hang up the painting of Christ, because I figured it was high enough that none of the furniture that might go there is high enough to require it to move.

The blinds in my room are rarely opened. Window wells freak me out. My dad kindly painted my window well blue and put fish on it when I moved into that room, but that doesn't mean spiders and other gross things won't crawl in there. Since I've been home in the mornings, I've been twisting them open a little to enjoy the sunlight.

My laptop does not quite fit on my desk when it's open. It is too tall for the roll top part. I either have to balance the computer on the edge, teetering as I type, or lean back the computer so it fits under the rolling part, which hides some of the screen.

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