02 April 2007

Googley Glogs on my Blog

I found these fun items on Google Blogoscoped:

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Google Maps Recommends a Long Swim

When you ask Google Maps for the direction from Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Kings College, Cambridge, England, in step 12 they suggest you “Swim across the Atlantic Ocean.” Don’t be a sissy!

Search Engine Quiz Game

At the Flash-based Search Engine Smackdown game, you are entering a fight as one of the big figures in search – like Larry Page or Sergey Brin – and need to answer a series of search-related questions to score hits. A highscore table track the best winning times... [Via Barry Schwartz.]

You can find this game at: http://www.pronetadvertising.com/searchenginesmackdown/

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  1. Yes, I am leaving a comment on my own blog (I don't feel like editing this post). I played this game. Sergey beat up Bill Gates with his scooter thingy with my good answers in 1 minute and 41 seconds. Ha! (I know, that's slow, but it was fun!)