29 April 2007

Orange and White=Creamsicles

I had to laugh to myself in Relief Society. The teacher told a story about how she bought a brand new white bedspread

(PAUSE: Who buys a white bedspread? And what's with all those people with fancy houses who have white towels in their bathrooms? Are they rich enough to buy new white towels every time theirs get stained and old? Anyway . . .)

to show off a quilt that was given to her. She wouldn't let her grandkids touch it or sit on it or go near it, even though it had been the bed they used to use as a trampoline. Anyway, her granddaughter had found an orange marker (her favorite color) and drawn all over the white bedspread. As she said this while holding up the offending marker, a gasp of true horror swept through the room. You would have thought someone had run in and told us the bishop died in priesthood, it was so tragic. A room of women who care a little too much about white bedspreads and untouched quilts . . . it just made me giggle a little. I tried to think of what my reaction would be, but I couldn't imagine ever even buying a white bedspread, so it kind of stopped there.

P.S. Tanya and I went to a cabinized pre-wedding party last night. We ate all the carrots and celery, then took seconds of creamies on our way out the door to the creepy woods where her car was parked.

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