19 April 2007

Chip On Your Shoulder vs. Chipper

Isn't it funny how little things at the start of the day can sometimes affect whether you are chipper or if you have a chip on your shoulder for the rest of the day? The last three days have been the latter.

When I went to catch the connecting bus this morning, I missed it again. Just barely! I swear the bus driver saw me and just pulled away anyway. I thought, "Well, good thing I brought the scooter," and I proceeded to scoot down the road. The bus got stopped at the next light, and there were a whole bunch of people waiting at the stop, so while they were boarding, I raced up to it and got on. The last guy in line was nice enough to see me and wait so that the doors wouldn't close. Ha! Ha ha! I was cheerful the rest of the ride. I caught up to the mean bus driver on my scooter!

Then when I got to work, I told Daniel that I felt really bad, but the dates for the trip had been moved up and extended, and he should probably find someone to be trained while Nate was still around. I also told him that I liked the people here (which I do), and that I felt like I could do a good job (which I could), but the transportation was wearing on me. I do feel bad, but I think it will be the best for everyone. Daniel said he emailed Bryce a sarcastic email. Bryce's reply made me laugh and even more excited about the trip.

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