20 April 2007

15 Blocks of Contrast

This morning I scooted 15 blocks on my razor. This afternoon I left Spectra Symbol, never to work there again, and happy about it.

Costa Rica: here we come, May 11th!

This evening I saw Meet the Robinsons in place of Gillian Weir's organ concert, because no one could go (a bit disappointing). An unconventional movie, I felt embarrassed when I was touched by Louis's realization that he had talent and he was lovable.

Watching the news just now, I ache for people who are suffering. What brings some to withdraw from life and some to react aggressively by hurting others? The end of the Proclamation to the Family says that the disintegration of the family will bring upon the world the calamities foretold by prophets.

If you can figure out where the following words are coming from, you must be a Glauser. Or maybe the Glausers are not as funny as I think: "Whoa! Look at that! I heard a pop! Can you believe how big it is? I'm so glad that we're getting enough to make a difference. Dave, take a look at that."


  1. I guess I'm not a Glauser, 'cause I have no idea about the popping.

  2. You quit?! Oy! So much happens over a weekend. I'm sorry you didn't get to go to the concert. Was that Friday night? Thursday was great though :).