20 March 2007

UTA, Family, Entertainment, and Travel. They all have me in common!

Well, I guess I will just do some updating. Have you ever noticed that you think about what seem to be really interesting subjects, and you want to share them with the world (a.k.a. your blog), but once you think about signing in and writing a little something, it's gone? Oh well, maybe I'll think of some of those things as I go. I won't comment too much about each activity, I hope, but here are some things I've done recently:

1. Finished and had Wil approve 35 documents in one day. (That's a record!)

2. Refused thus far to provide a number of overtime hours I've worked. What's the point? If they have to have a number, then they should pay me. Otherwise, they don't need a number! They're asking me to report what I considered a donation. No!

3. Sat through a meeting that was supposed to be how each of us could work together better, but it turned out to be a "why we don't like Michelle" meeting instead.

4. Been prejudged by several people without being able to give an explanation later that they would listen to.

5. Apologized to a girl who has been giving off bad vibes in my direction for a LONG time for reasons unknown to me. She gave me some good feedback, and I hope she can be a bit happier despite my presence.

6. Attended a UTA public hearing, where I asked a lot of questions, gave a lot of feedback, and worried about getting home from institute with the new schedule. (They want to combine three routes that go to the U and have them end at 6!!!!!! AHHHH!)

7. Talked to a guy at the UTA public hearing who knows German and two of my uncles about careers with UTA.

8. Got Sica, Dad, and Heidi upset with me because I was at the UTA hearing too long with the car, which I had to use because public transpo wouldn't get me there quick enough.

9. Rejoiced that the 39 is going to go every fifteen minutes, and much later, so I can get home on my late nights!

10. Spent a weekend without texting on my blackberry, because my heart was shriveled from too much criticism. I was sent in to the lions!

11. Once again had to make Bryce change plans as Dad's car broke down after it was too late to hop on public transpo and make it on time.

12. Went to Divine Comedy at BYU and thought it was hilarious, but groaned at the cracks against people like me. (Not just about the University of Utah, but also about how people in Salt Lake are crazy.)

13. Had a fabulous time talking to Bryce.

14. Laughed at the "Do not walk here alone after dark" signs from the 70s that still adorn the south side of BYU's campus.

15. Filled out a bracket a few days too late (luckily/unluckily I hadn't been able to follow the games til then) and did fairly well, except for darn old Maryland.

16. Taught my cousins how to play Settlers and watched them totally run me over!

17. Did I ever mention this? I watched Sica's bowling competition. Awesome!

18. Played "How Firm a Foundation" too fast for the liking of the Relief Society chorister.

19. Messed up on one measure during three of the four verses of the closing hymn in sacrament meeting. (Remind me to post a blog about interesting things that have happened during sacrament meeting.)

20. Cleaned out my disgusting bathroom, including vacuuming, scrubbing, cometing, spraying, and vinegaring everything, as well as ripping out rotten pieces of wood and tile and moving nasty spider-ridden sticky bug traps.

21. Went to lunch with my grandma, to a mediterranean place. I managed to steer the conversation away from myself as much as possible, and not laugh when she ordered a hamburger and some fries (which were good, just not mediterranean).

22. Had my first hayfever attack of the season, but I think it must have been something at Aunt Linda's.

23. Celebrated Grandpa's 81st birthday with the whole family.

24. Gathered email addresses and phone numbers at the party so we can actually be friends with our aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, and nieces! Woohoo!

25. Wondered about what Bryce thinks and if I should call him or leave the ball in his court.

26. Got to number 26 on a list of things I've done recently and realized that it was pretty pathetic but decided to proceed to number 27 anyway.

27. Wondered about places to go: Los Angeles with Tanya, Chicago with Scott, Jerusalem with young single adults on the adventure tour, the cruise with Grandpa, Europe with Bryce and friends, Columbia with Kelli, Kiel or Leipzig . . .

28. Marveled at a lady (in place of another who is sick) who wrote a letter of recommendation for me although she barely worked with me. Not only that, but she's currently in France.

29. Played with Jamesy boy, as he is in town and cuter than ever, smiling all the time.

30. Got to number 30 and thought of one, no two more things.

31. Went to Heidi's production of Much Ado About Nothing and laughed at her role of Dogberry, a ridiculous officer. She played better than a lot of the other kids--she was loud enough to hear and animated.

32. Attended a meeting with Elder Jensen (again) and Elder Eyring. Elder Jensen was funny. He talked about texting during sacrament meeting and not trusting people who wear bowties. He also said that as a lawyer, when he takes people to court, he thinks, "This is probably the only time they will go to court. I need to make it the best possible experience for them." Interesting. Elder Eyring talked about keeping journals that point out the hand of God in our life (I've definitely got to work on that), focusing on our real business, and serving others.

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