05 March 2007

Public Bathroom Stalls

Several years ago, I read the results of a study on public bathroom usage on MSN. The most striking thing to me was that most people do not use the first stall. That, of course, made me want to start using the first stall. On breaks from Golden Swirl, I would have to remind myself to turn in at the first stall. But then a thought occurred to me: how many Americans read that article and have started using the first stall instead?!? Eventually I decided it probably wasn't a significant enough number of people who 1. read the article and 2. changed their habits because of it.

Since I started working at the Family History Library, every time I use the bathroom I wonder if the study would show some different results if it were conducted at the Library. Because of the older average patron, I would suspect that they wouldn't want to walk as far (older patrons and older missionaries are fond of taking shortcuts in any way they can--physically, mentally, you name it). Although they might blame my first-stall usage on laziness, I have different reasons, and little would they suspect that I actually prefer to use the handicapped stall . . . it's roomier, I have my own suspicions that fewer people use that stall, you aren't as close to the next stall and thus the next person relieving him or herself, and there's only one option of a person next to you, as a wall is usually on one side.

Anyway, just something pointless but interesting to ponder.

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