30 March 2007

Michelle's shout out to Google

For any readers out there, if you have not tried Picasa and all other Google products, you may want to, they will revolutionize your life . . .

I think maybe we should try to come up with a name for people firm in the faith of Google. Googlers is more for people work there. How about the Google Gospelers? The Glovers? The Gogglers (porbly not)? Meh.

Anyway, the photos, you want the photos. First, you need to read the description of my Picasa web album:

Some of these photos are way old (can you find the one from the good old days at Golden Swirl during high school?), but fun anyway. I especially like goofy ones, like James smelling my armpit. Ha ha. Or the blob of chocolate that Mom (Mom, can you believe it?) dumped on the brownies, or me losing at Spongebob Squarepants Life against Gretchen, or Anna trying to keep Jared from running away during Wright family scripture time . . . I guess the artsy ones (Island Park and San Francisco) are nice too. Be sure to notice the change in pixellation as digital cameras got better. Those good old MVCs that took a 3 1/2 inch floppy, oh where have those days gone? Now we've got old ladies fighting to pay for a gig with hot pads!

Click here to see the album!


  1. Um, did I miss something, or is that link supposed to go to wikipedia instead of your photos?