30 March 2007


I don't know why that link didn't work. Actually, I just wanted to see who reads my bloggerooski. So while I'm here giving you the real link, let me just tell you about a few things:

I was going to post a picture of my lost sunglasses, but I found them. In my purse! Who ever puts sunglasses in their purses? (I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I even have a purse, I rarely use it. They seem so girly.)

On to more interesting news. I couldn't find anyone to go skiing with me, so I ended up going myself. That cute guy was there again. Each time I've gone, we've flirted a little. Today he asked what I was up to, I told him I quit my job, and he asked why I hadn't skied every day this week. I said, "Well, I thought about it yesterday, but you weren't here, were you?" He was disappointed when I said, "Just kidding." Then he asked about my major and what I was doing on Sunday. I said, "Going to church. Oh wait, it's conference. I'm watching it for four hours. Are you going to ski?" I take from his answer that I finally found out if he's Mormon or not. Too bad. I kind of was hoping he'd ask for my number anyway. I went up the lift and down the hills with a lady from South Korea. She was really nice. I felt bad that I couldn't understand everything she said until she'd said it a few times. Her name is Yon Hee (sp?). She has been here for two and a half years with her husband's job. They'll be going back in a year and a half. She asked me if I was Mormon and said her son is. (He's sixteen.) I told her she was a nice mom to let him go to the church he wanted. I hit some bigger hills and bumps today. There was powder! I haven't really skied in real powder before. My knees are SORE.

When I was returning my rentals, I asked what he was going to do after ski season (unfortunately, I don't remember his name). He wasn't sure, so I asked him if he rock climbed and told him about Moab. Darn.

Grandpa's taking me to Uncle Mike's missionary reunion. Awkward. I think he wants me to get some dates. He is so funny. Almost every time I see him, he says, "You've got to find a nice young man!"

Ow, my knees.



  1. you are a blogging fiend

    enjoyed the pics

  2. I may be a blogging fiend, but what are you for reading all of the posts? Heh heh.

    Besides, what do you expect of someone who has no job and is studying to be a Googler?