13 March 2007

8 March-13 March

So here I sit at work, munching on a yummy, yummy chocolate bar that came across the world from my brother. Woohoo!

I'm giving a big presentation to all the managers and the director of the Library today. Should be fun. I wore this professional-looking jacket that mom got for me a long time ago, and the missionaries who walked in this morning said, "What are you doing now? Running for president?" Ha ha.

Tonight I am going to the Relief Society birthday party. Jeff's email last week got me thinking. Do I treat my membership in the Church as more than just a club? I hope so. It's more than that, it's at least a way of life, but I can always do better. I read Alma 5 this morning. Man, when he says that he's speaking "with the energy of [his] soul," he's not joking.

At basketball on Thursday (I play with the Relief Society gals--just pickup games), I broke Marie Goddard's clavicle. Well, more like we were both going for the ball and she found my foot. There was no active tripping involved, although I was really excited that I had gotten the ball until I saw her roll over, completely calm, and say, "I broke my collar bone." She's got a sling now. Also should be good.

Friday I took the bus down to go to dinner and the Young Ambassadors with Marion Marriott's brother, Bryce. He is really cool. I barely missed TRAX (I was pushing the button to open the door as it was pulling away) and thus the bus too. For some reason, being late upsets me terribly every time. Even being late to Relief Society when I have a good excuse (playing at the rest home) bugs me! Anyway, it turned out okay, as I logically knew it would. During dinner, he asked if I wanted to try his sweet and sour pork, so I tried to stick my fork in a piece, but it went flying instead and launched straight towards the other girl's plate! It was so funny! And, the sauce tasted like cherry slurpees! The Young Ambassadors did scenes from different musicals. It was great. Mom and Dad should go. Bryce and I went looking for deer on the mountain, it was so funny. We only found some droppings. Tanya and I were going to sleep over in Provo, but then we found out that the museum we were going to go to didn't open until the time we had to be back in Salt Lake anyway, so we ended up driving home at 1. We stopped at Wendy's, but the line was too long. So we went to McDonald's and we were in line for like 40 minutes. Yeah . . . when I got home, Mom wasn't too happy about that.

Saturday, I went to a Beatles impersonation band with the Wiests. Cool! The Wiests are 60s and 70s music crazies. I couldn't keep up with all they were talking about, but I did enjoy the music, and now I am listening to it on my computer.

Sunday, every lesson seemed to be about prayer. I'm trying to make my prayers more heartfelt and long. I think my major problem is listening. I don't know what to DO while I'm supposed to be listening. Later, I heard Elder Marlin K. Jensen speak. He is my boss somewhere up there in the department. He spoke about moral relativism and how there are absolute truths where we have to draw the line and can't just blame culture.

Sica and I went to the Cottonwood High School choral concert last night. It was alright. We had fun being sarcastic. Then we went to Smith's and smelled all the body sprays that were on sale and could no longer breathe after that. Finally, we went to Uncle Mike's and had him sign Business of Heart so I could give it to Wil for his birthday today. We talked about all sorts of things with Uncle Mike and Ty--dating, skiing, The Office.

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  1. Violent Michelle, breaking people's bones and shooting sweet and sour pork at innocent victims.