20 February 2007

From December: the Parkin Adventure

Here's something I wrote in December (2006):

This weekend, I watched the five Parkin kids while their parents went to Texas. They are the best kids yet. It seems kind of random to me that all these families in the past year have asked that I watch their kids while they go out of town. I think it's been the Lord's way of showing me that families are good. I've been able to see the differences between families and see which ways work, so I know how I would want to raise a family. I never really enjoyed babysitting, still don't exactly, it's more of something to get through and money is a good motivator. Over a year ago, I gave a talk in church. I talked about how marriage doesn't appeal much, so I read all sorts of things to try to gain a testimony of it. It came down to that I would just have to accept it as a commandment for now. It still is that way, but at least now I can see the joy of raising kids the right way. Being at the Parkins was more like hanging out at someone's house. They got themselves ready for church, entertained themselves, and I didn't feel like I had to constantly turn off the TV or say no to things. Sure, I reminded them to clean up their plates, but when I asked them to do things, I never heard a complaint. Once I asked Andrew to take out the garbage. At first I thought he didn't hear me, so I was going to ask again in a few minutes. Then he got up and did it, not a word. Wow. The Parkins and the Wrights are amazing. They have hard times too, but they read their scriptures and don't focus on having fancy toys or watching TV/playing nintendo all the time like the Paulsens. There were things about their lifestyle that I couldn't stand. Their mom buys them everything, whether they deserve it or not. She offers it as a reward for good behavior, but never checks the behavior before giving whatever it is. I didn't think it was okay to play nintendo all day and to watch TV during every meal. They never heard a thing I said during mealtimes. They never cleaned up after themselves. They yelled at me about cleaning up, I had to drag them to their rooms, they fought with each other . . . and they each got iPods for Christmas. A great way to show them how they've been doing during the year. Oh well. I guess I don't deserve the stuff I get for Christmas. Anyway, here are some things I did this weekend:

-Fought with the online computer help lady, since they won't let you call for help. (What are you supposed to do if your internet connection isn't working, like mine, and you aren't babysitting someone who has the internet?)

-Took them to see lights, including the award-winning house in Murray that has the lights matched up with the radio.

-Made tacos, skidavers, chicken enchiladas

-Drove really fast to Tiffany's babysitting and viola lesson.

-Drove really fast to get Ben to kindergarten.

-Prayed for Wil's family.

-Read Yearning for the Living God

-Played the Parkins' piano

-Tried to see the stars align.

-Tried to sleep in.

-Waited up for Tiffany

-Watched Little Women

-Fought the battle of the cats

-Drove in the pouring rain.

-Used the cocoamotion!

-Helped Dad design the LSU for Wil for Christmas.

-Wondered about Scott, wondered about life, wondered about my spiritual level, wondered about what I want to go into.

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