21 January 2007

Photogenic Writer

Here are a few samples of pictures Amy and I took using her gigantic Mac. (It is a twenty-four inch screen.)

Following are captions/story tidbits for each. See if you can match them up!

1. Amy and Michelle waited in fearful anticipation as the door creaked open, slowly, so slowly . . .

2. The woman was obviously insane. Toting a small, paisley handbag and wearing an oversized coat, these details were overshadowed by her enormous hat, as wide as her shoulders, adorned with a blue flower, shredded rags, and one overwhelmingly large blue feather that sparkled despite the meager light . . .

3. Though the approaching figure glowed, one thing besides the white eyes caught his attention: the figure's teeth were black.

4. From the discovery of Picaso's most realistic-looking painting so far has emerged numerous analysts asking the questions, "Why does the twisted girl have braids?" And, "What does the light coming from the left symbolize?"

5. Above is an example of the "crazy eyes" syndrome that comes with people who board public transportation looking for someone to talk to.

6. In anticipation of the upcoming dinner for the homeless, Amy Bajorni (the one with the muzzle) and Michelle Glaggler eagerly pose for the camera, ignoring the cold for the moment.

7. The opinion that Glauser is the hottest new supermodel is confirmed by the fact that this picture was taken right after she woke up. Do you look this good in the morning?

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