21 January 2007

Aunt Michelle

After taking several pictures distorting James's head into alien-like forms, I decided to take a nice one. The best way I've discovered to make James laugh is to throw him in the air and catch him, so here is a picture taken immediately thereafter. Notice the sore on his forehead--a baby decoration in his room fell on his head while I was changing him! I thought it just surprised him, but this nice nick showed up after James had yelled for a bit.

1 comment:

  1. What kind of parents have precariously perched decorations ready to clobber their kid's head at any moment?

    Also, I have long demonstrated an inability to produce a natural looking smile on demand, so for most pictures, I end up looking sort of weird. That's why I like the crazy distortion effects on Photobooth--I look ridiculous and it's not only OK, it's not my fault.