18 November 2006

New Watch from Grandpa

I needed a new watch. Mom told me that I'd never be able to build my credit without buying anything. So, I picked one out at Fred Meyer's Jewelers and it was on my list of things to do in the second week of August. I also stopped by Grandpa's house and wanted to go to Granato's to get Mike's birthday present. It turned out that Grandpa convinced me a watch worth 10 dollars was just as good as any other and he made me go to Walmart with him. There, he pointed out all sorts of watches that I didn't care for, until there was finally one that I was okay with. He talked to the lady at the jewelry counter and told her that I was going on a date that night. I was looking at earrings, so he bought me some earrings too! I sure love Grandpa, and not just because of his generosity. I see a lot of myself in him and I want to follow his example. I am such a tightwad who doesn't like it when people don't do things my way. I remember how we used to call him "Grumpy," and I wonder if I'm headed in that direction. He has become the sweetest, friendliest person and I hope that I can soften up like he did. The date went well with Dave Warner. We chipped golf balls into a bucket in his backyard after dinner. Even though he's been doing that for years, I beat him during one round.


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