19 November 2006

Activities of a Saturday

(The 4th of November, to be exact):

I slept in a bit, read a bit, did some laundry, sewed my strap back onto my dress and sewed a skirt to fit me, offended my mom, swept the floor, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned out my bathroom, threw away all the contact lens-related stuff, went to help out at work, gave two tests, trained a part-timer to close, did a write-up for Wil about the ZLs, covered a window, checked for Scott on Gmail chat thirty thousand times, uploaded three CDs to iTunes, put books away, saw a gossip group hidden in the back corner of the stacks, said hi and felt weird (one was the disgruntled employee from May), found my way to Kaysville, watched movies, ate pizza, looked at a cool fish tank, petted a gassy dog, watched girls cry during the movie and felt dumb, played pool (did horribly), built good relationships, didn't talk too much about work and no touchy subjects (thank goodness), drove home, wrote back Scott while driving, and thought about my lesson.

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