29 July 2006


This week has been a week of two different kinds of ouches.

On Thursday, we were playing soccer at the nearby elementary school. Kota, our golden retriever, was tied to the goalpost with the expandable leash. She ran behind me, but veered to the front of me. Since she was still running, the wire-like leash was still moving and it burned the backs of my legs. I yelled and finally had to just jump up and backwards over the wire, since running forward just would have kept it on my legs. It hurt so much! I tried to keep playing soccer, and my friends couldn't know how bad it was because it didn't really show up for ten minutes. I kept whining though, because the sweat from running was getting into the wounds and STINGING! I couldn't sleep much that night because they hurt so much, and when I got in the shower I had to keep myself from being too loud because the water hurt! I could barely walk at work, it was quite comical. I've been wearing knee-highs so that I can take care of the wounds. Wil and Tom pampered me in our meeting yesterday. They got this burn gel stuff that helped numb the wounds, and I even got to put up my legs on an ice pack. :)

Today, they are more like scabs. I have a lot more painless movement, but I just can't bend too far or straighten too far. Stairs are the worst! Mom thinks that I will have scars. I'm keeping aloe on the backs of my knees at all times in hopes that I won't. Here are some pictures. The first is of Friday morning, the second is today (Saturday).

The second ouch of the week is from the employee surveys. Wil asked me if I had read them yet, which I hadn't. He let me know that we'd gotten eaten up by a few responders, and that there was one that was probably about me. He read it to me, and it was so obviously about me that it was laughable. I laughed but it was also a bit of an ouch. I feel bad for the person who wrote it. Wil and I have been surprised to find so many times that she's still not over her bitterness. Oh well . . . I've inserted it word for word below, with spelling errors and everything. The question was, "What would you do differently if you were the director of the Library?" Pay special attention to the last six words. Ouch!

“Maybe I am a little biased because I have not completed my education, but I feel that having a degree does not necessarily constitute a better employee. I have seen many innovative and hard working employees not passed over for a promotion in our unit because they have not completed their education. A degree does not prove that someone has the ability to communicate effectively with employees and missionaries or manage resources and time wisely. For many it is simply a piece of paper saying that they went to 4 years of school. I do think that a degree relating to the Library Services should always be given the highest amount of consideration. However, if their degree is unrelated to the work, I do not think it should be accounted for. In conclusion, if I were the director of the Library, I would want my managers to look at what the person has done for the Library and not at their degree in English.”

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  1. One of things I hated most about being in leadership positions was when the people I was supposed to be leading didn't like me or the decisions I was making. I found that I was much more sensitive to criticism than I would like to be, even criticism that didn't seem valid or that I had no control over. I want to be better at taking criticism graciously instead my current coping mechanism, which is to avoid discussing it and to silently feel guilty. Not that Bitter Incomplete Education Lady was criticizing you, but that's what your story made me think of. Yes, I'm ending that sentence with a preposition, so there.