29 July 2006

Das Leben

I've always enjoyed doing everything at a fast pace, which is why I finished college so quickly. Working every day is a different ballgame. I really miss school right now--the interesting classes, the crazy schedule, the papers, and the social life involved. I hope I'll get into that again in a year or so. When you get up really early every day, you can't stay up late every night. You also don't meet a lot of people. Time passes in this crazy way where you realize one day that it's not February anymore, it's July and you haven't yet seen a spot of sun.

However, I definitely love parts of work. I love working with my boss. He's one of those people so full of wisdom and patience and kindness that you just want to stay close so you can learn. I love being able to edit documents and make them fit my standard. I love being in charge of the newsletter. I love writing memos and letters. I love working so well with Wil and Sara and Haylie and Claire and Brett and others. I love having fun people to work with. I love leading my team. Go CCT! I love being able to lead others besides my team, as well. I love being able to get lots of things done at my pace! I love crossing those things off of my list! I love being able to say that my work has an eternal purpose, etc., etc.

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