11 August 2004


(Transferred from my old blog on 30 October 2009.)
We got up and ate the breakfast provided (I had hot chocolate and muesli with yogurt and these little chopped up pieces of hot dog and thick bread that was actually soft with yummy raspberry jam) We slept in some more after that, then set out to the museums. It turned out to be a longer walk than we though, so we waited for bus 30. The bus driver told us to get on the next one, so we walked and stopped again at the next bus stop. Some random miracle bus pulled up with no one in it, and the driver asked us where we wanted to go. We told him, and there he took us, only paying the normal bus fee. First, we saw the Thor Heyerdahl museum. Wow! The reed ship he took across the Atlantic was there. There was a picture of some Samoan dude and Matt knows him from his dances in Hawai'i. Then we went to a museum with Antarctic expeditions, and then we walked on the coast. Wowee! It was mostly rocks and shells, so I picked some up for Katie. Wading was lovely, and I liked to watch the water. Looking out, we saw clear water, dark rocks, lots of ships, and trees. I had tried to ask a lady in Germany how cold it was in Norway, but she didn't understand, so I figured it was northern and cold. However, it was hotter than Kiel.

I will finish up this Saturday later.

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