11 August 2004

Oslo is like Utah

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Friday, August 6th

Wow, it was hard at first to convince myself it was worth it to have no sleep and go jump on a train, but I knew I could sleep on the train, which I did, for a long time. The train pulled onto a ferry and we got to go up top where there were seats, tables, and ridiculously expensive stores to look at the ocean. Mom - half of my eyebrow is gone again, not due to waxing this time (which is DESPERATELY NEEDED, WHY DID I NOT BRING TWEEZERS?), but to a huge yit under it and somehow when it popped the hairs went with it (sorry for the gruesome details - acne is a big part of my trip here. I thought the moisture would clear it up, but it did the opposite - it's worse.) In Copenhagen we were amazed by the money (krowns). Shoes were 1099,90. (A little over 100 Euros, we were told.) All of the girls seemed (many blondes) fashionable. It seems like most Americans would only dress like that for a stomp or something. I like the styles, though. On to Oslo we went - wow! It looks so much like Utah! The trees aren't as green as in Germany (like Utah). It looks like LIttle Cottonwood Canyon or something. Buildings are bright, happy colors with those orangey roofs, and there are lakes everywhere. In Oslo we found that the building are mostly tall typical European apartments on small roads with stores on the street level. We took a taxi and at first the driver thought it was a different, nicer hotel. Then we went to the real one and found it under construction. The room was HOT, with no AC to be found. So we opened the door onto the balcony. The elevator is so old-school. You pull on a little door, walk into a 2-person room, push a button, up it goes, push out on the door and there was the room. We walked around a little and found a park and the bank and McDonald's and 7-11.

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