15 August 2004

Mike's Birthday

(Transferred from my old blog on 30 October 2009.)

Today is Mike's Birthday. (August 11th). I wrote him a letter and called him. The speaking exam and last written exam went fine. I caught up a bit on my blog. Then I bought a pizza and tried to get 4 milchbrötchen, but the lady didn't understand. Me: I need 4 milchbrötchen. Her: Ja (puts one in a bag) Me: I need 3 more. Her: 3? Me: 3 more. Her: 1,20 (only 3 in the bag). Me: (whatever, I give up).

After school Brad and I looked at flights for Munich and Bern. No go. They were too expensive. So we went to the post office so he could mail a med school application. I exchanged my shirt at H+M - however, it was too late (they only allow 14 days I found out), so I just had to take a certificate and grab the other shirt and bring both back. (of course, later I found out the size was the same as the one I have that fits, but it was too tight - more exchanging to come). We walked up to the Burse (far in my too small black shoes) and he showed me a music room downstairs. I played a bit and then we simplified it and I told him to start singing. His voice was BEAUTIFUL+ That takes guts, too. Then Felix showed me the computer (dude, the Burse is where it's at) and helped me look at flights and then trains. We found perfect times. There's a train that goes straight to Bern from Kiel - no way! I had to take the day trains, too, so that it wouldn't count for two days, therefore 4 on my eurrail pass. Then I emailed the Bieries about my arrival and tried to call them. Chad and Felix let me use their phones and I tried the office phone. When everyone got there (including Mrs. Hostmom), we started. The two Schubert pieces went so well. I now have a better opinion of Schubert. I want to play more. Then my Rachmaninoff piece was a little tough. I had to go back on the huge chords, and I laughed, so everyone else did too. We ate pork, lots of cheese, and fruit. Then it started getting rainy, so we went inside and watched the plays that my class wrote. Of course, Ray's was so funny I wished I could record it. (In class when we all finally saw it, no one wanted to do theirs next because Ray^s so outshone ours). Ray even choreographed some awesome dance with Matt. Kim was the Nutellafee and when she was someone else, another sign hung over her neck that said, "nicht". (not the nutella fairy). We did ours and people really liked my grandma voice. We had to wait for lines until the laughter stopped. In ours, there was a family at the dinner table, and they tell stories they've heard, and we act those out as well. In one story, there was a hungry student, so he went and bought some food and bit something hard. Then the cashier (me), said, "Ach, Mensch, dass ist mein Zahn!" "Oh whoops, that's my tooth!" Then another family member tells a story where a student took forever to turn in his last exam and the teacher was very angry since he had announced the end already and he wouldn't take the paper. The kid said, "Do you know who I am?" The professor said no, and the kid shoved his paper into the pile and ran away. Next it was back to the dinner table and there was only one schnitzel left. We all looked at it and mentioned it to the audience, then I offered it to each person. One of the boys said that we should play a game with it. We turned off the lights, yelled now, and, "SCREAM!!!!!!!!" The lights turned back on, and there I was, holding the schnitzel with three forks in my arm. (Grandma cheated.) Then everyone stood around talking and eating rote grötze and some people had beers. I asked Ulli if I could go to breakfast with the first years (Astrid's class) since the movie was R, and she said okay. I was enjoying talking to Ryan, but I think Mrs. Hostmom was ready to go, so we left. I asked her if she understood the American idioms in Ray's play. I explained some, but the funniest was that she thought the reason Ray said "salzig" (salty) had something to do with the Great Salt Lake!!!! Ha ha! It was nice talking to her.

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