21 August 2004

Luzern, old Bern music

(Transferred from my old blog on 30 October 2009.)

Friday, August 20th

Ursula left lunches for Bea and I. Water was dripping onto the counter from an indeterminable source, so I put a towel on it and made a note to tell Peter.

Bea found me at the Postauto station. We talked about relationships and how she had thought her boyfriend was the one and now she was worried because she's "old" and wants to have a family.

I told her she'd have cute kids and she laughed and said she needed a husband first. We talked about how gross smoking is, and she told me about a baby she'd seen having surgery who had black lungs from the smoker mother. Later she saw a young mother with two little kids and a baby, sitting in the smoking section playing a gameboy.

Luzern was beautiful. I asked her if there was a university there. We sat by the lake and rested our eyes and Bea bought mea sprite. No place I've been to yet ahs known what lemonade is. We went in little shops and tried on ugly sunglasses and silly hats (that looked good on her). She told me to tell her when I liked something because they really wanted to buy me something.

Then we got on a ship going across the lake. It was pretty cold, but I would rather enjoy the view outside the cabin. At Hergiswil, we got off, and went to the most funky museum I've ever seen. A little something would light up and a voice would speak, and when it finished, something would light up somewhere else, leading us through this whole thing about the history of the glass factory. At the end, we got to watch the men making glasses and bowls. Cool. Or should I say hot?

We took a train back to Luzern and then back to Bern. Bea and I ran through the station to the Postauto station and made it just on time. We waved and waved.

I made dinner for the Bieris. Truthfully, it wasn't that good, but they liked it and told their joke about it being slow food. Peter arranged a nice dessert with berries, ice cream, banana, and mint leaves. We talked about Matt and listened to Andrea Botticelli and then old Bern music from the 1600s.

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