12 August 2004

L.A. dudes on the train

(Transferred from my old blog on 30 October 2009.)

On Monday (August 9th), we had an early wake up call. The guy at the desk offered us an early breakfast, so we ate and then hopped on the taxi. This driver was Speedy Gonzalez. ON the train we sat by these weird dudes from L.A., one of whom looked like that girly singer dude on Wedding Singer. They ate a lot of raisins. I found that funny, so I asked them if Californians do that and they said yes. They've been traveling around Europe for 50 days! We had more curry chicken - mmm! I had a drink called cactus lime that was good. In Copenhagen, we waited until our train was assigned to track 8, then went down there. We were sitting and I was wondering why our train hadn't come yet (it was 15:45 and the train was supposed to leave at 15:47), when I saw the sign on track8 didn't say Hamburg or 15:47. It said something Danish 15:53. I said, "What the . . . look!" Matt saw and we turned and looked at track 7. There was a train there, the very one at which we had been dully staring. Yikes! We couldn't see any sign it was the right one, but we didn't have time to figure out. We jumped on and Matt asked a few people. It was the right one. Lucky! We got back late at night, after going through some beautiful towns like Plön. We bought Döner at the Hauptbahnhof. Mmm! Then I went back to Molfsee and walked through the neighborhood and some horse freaked out and freaked me out. When I got home I found my music faxed from EPCO on my desk.

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