17 October 2012

Inspiring Women on Ada Lovelace Day 2012

PhotobucketYesterday was Ada Lovelace Day. Because I didn't really have time to formally honor it yesterday, I want to do so today.

This site suggested that I write about "a woman in science, technology, engineering or maths whose achievements you admire."

I thought and thought and thought about it all day, and I couldn't really come up with a name of someone who inspired me to get involved in this industry through their own example. And I thought that was a shame. Have I just not heard enough about women who have achieved great things in science, technology, engineering, or maths? Have there not been enough for me to have heard about them? All I know is I drew a blank.

But there have been other inspirational women and men, namely from:

Thanks to each of you! I only hope that I can some day also be inspiring to other women who can contribute so much to the field. Here's to forging new pathways for future women!

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