01 May 2010

Introducing Michemily Crafts and Michemily Handwerk! Giveaway!

I have exciting news! I have opened an online shop (with English and German versions) to sell my artsy creations. I have been longing to utilize my creative juices for a while, and crafting brings me so much joy that I think I'll keep it up.

Take a look at the envelopes, scarves, and digital designs I have in the shop!
Link to the Michemily Crafts Shop (English).

Schauen Sie die Kalender Umschläge, Frühlingsschals, und Digitale Designs an, die ich im Online-Laden habe!
Link zum Online-Laden Michemily Handwerk (Deutsch)

Now, to celebrate this opening, I'm opening up a giveaway for a set of envelopes. Specifically this set of envelopes:

Moon Envelopes Example Pack

*You may enter a comment here to enter the giveaway if you tell five friends about this post or if you post a link to the shop on your blog or if you email me and get a sheet of the business cards to post wherever you go.
*There must be at least 30 entries.
*A random winner will be picked on Saturday, May 15th.


  1. Those are super-de-duper cool and purdy!!!

  2. That's great that you opened a shop! My friend sells baked goods on etsy. The internet is a wonderful thing, letting people be creative in whole new ways! The envelopes are such a cute idea!

    I'll try and get a link up this week, otherwise consider this just a regular comment informing you how cool I think it is you have an online shop :-) I love all your posts with design ideas, I always mean to comment then get distracted looking at the links, lol. So just a general big thanks for all the inspiration you send out!

  3. Nice idea with the online shop. Give us an update on the amount of sales you are able to generate after a few weeks!

  4. Always happy to post on a Glauser blog. I actually won a drawing from your Mom's boutique blog (the token male). Your talents are again in evidence. I started reading your thesis, by the way; do women your age even know who Betty Friedan was? Really interesting so far.