14 December 2010


Start at 4:16:

I think the most disappointing cake has to be fruitcake, ya know. You think that would be better. It doesn't add up. Fruit--good. Cake--great. Fruitcake--nasty crap.

Have you tried fruitcake? I don't think that's even fruit in there. You're like tmm nmmmm, what is that a skittle? What is this, a treasure map? What is the recipe of fruitcake? Anything but fruit? It's like the baker was just clearing off the counter. "Put all this crap in there. Nobody eats this stuff, they just mail it to relatives."

-Jim Gaffigan

I've never liked fruitcake either, but now I like Stollen and the Reformationsbrötchen that have those little crystalized fruits in them. Ha ha. I guess I've turned into an old lady. Maybe it seems like an older generation thing because those were recipes from the Old World? Hmm.


  1. I love panettone -- which is basically Italian fruitcake (with a lot lower ratio of crystalized bits to yummy soft airy cake). Kinda hard to find outside nyc, and the recipe is intimidating. I bet it's available in Germany?

  2. Hilarious! The part about a muffin being a bald cupcake reminds me of a my Dad. He tries so hard to not indulge his sweet tooth - but he always ends up eating costco muffins for breakfast. Then the part about iHop reminds me of John - his most favorit-est place ever. And they wonder why kids love breakfast for dinner!