30 October 2010

October's Links to Love


Cutesie organic materials

Stop-motion Lite Brite.

Oil painting on people. Ingenious.

Apartment in Paris, untouched for 70 years, holds a treasure. (Lovely decor.)

Ha ha Halloween.

Creepy stair shadows from Martha Stewart (for Halloween).

Hyperrealist painting by Gregor Thielker
(not photographs as you might think).

Hollerado's OK-Go-ish video that was accomplished in one take (if you can believe it):

One-dollar food photos.

Human bookshelf

Fabulous music video:

Eliza pointed out this nifty "all things homemade" website (with those yummy-looking pie pops).

Awesome Baja, California timelapses:

Baja California Timelapses from Mike Flores on Vimeo.

Lace fencing. Gorgeous.

Black walls. Lovely. But would you dare?

Andrew Bird and his electric violin:

The case for handwriting. (I don't believe it, except for the motor skills thing.)

Eric Carle app.

Colorful wall decals that I think don't need to be just for kids.

Well, this is a charming video of the famous Nielson family:

Everything Explained Through Flowcharts, coming out soon. About it.


Conversion stories: from other faiths to Mormonism.

Best beards in Mormon history. Ardis, you crack me up.

No way. A Deseret Alphabet Translator. But what if you want to translate the other way?

Yes, I Love Technology:

Have you heard about SchoolTube? It sounds like a good idea.

Recover deleted files for free! RECUVA!

Hunch: working on a more user-friendly web experience
. Sometimes it's useful for the web to know--like when Amazon can suggest a book to me. Sometimes it seems overboard and we are freaked out at first--like the first time you noticed Google Ads that had to do with the email you were writing. But now I think it's cool, though I have yet to click on one of those ads. But there are also people who are crazy about their online privacy.

Google investing in wind power.

Google translating dead languages.

Identifying fonts and how to make special characters.

Yes! Yes! Yes! You can finally set your GMail to go to the next conversation after deleting, archiving, etc.

Google's security checklist


Unfortunate placements of ads.

PBS's "God in America" series

Light up "sorry" and "thank you" signs for your car
. I think people would find them kind of insulting. I can just imagine people saying, "Oh, that's real cute. He thinks he can pull whatever stunt he wants in traffic because he has that sign."

Frito Lay is leading the way with electric delivery trucks.

Crocodile causes airplane crash.

My first introduction to Cake Wrecks.

Liu Xiaobo wins the Nobel Peace Prize while in prison.

Babywearing in Parliament

Interpreting Facebook portraits. Weird.

Phone calls to newly-announced Nobel Prize winners.

"The Five Worst Meanest Little Girls of All Time" (isn't that title redundant?).

Be careful about keeping warm laptops on your lap (Toasted Skin Syndrome, not to be confused with TSS).

A letter to suicide considerers

Sesame Street Old Spice spoof:

HOBBY: A celebration of Spare-time Recreational Pursuits.

Funny situation with your kid's drawings.

Another "before fame" video: Justin Bieber (I must confess, I still don't know a single song of his):

Oh brother, people couldn't handle the noisiness of Sun Chips bags. They should have looked at it as novel.

A surfing Kelpie at a surfing dog competition. What the?

Awesome Sesame Street Willow Smith parody:

And the original (wow, what a voice at such a young age, though the repetition in this song drives me crazy):

16 things you didn't know about sleep
. (When I was little, I slept in sleep position A. Then I switched to B as I got older, and ever since I injured my meniscus, I have to sleep in C. Weird. I hope I don't go on to D, E, and F.)

Weezer getting older and staying young.

Funny sick notes

A fancy new Las Vegas hotel reflects rays that burn visitors. Oops.

Digitize your handwriting! (I know, I know, I've posted on creating your own font before. But I never thought of it as a way to personalize your emails and such.)

No arms, no legs, not named Bob, but a fascinating motivational speaker:

Powerful speech by abortion survivor:


  1. what a collection of links. How do you gather them all?

  2. I think I would definitely be bold enough to paint walls black, considering my red walls and black carpet.

  3. Lots and lots to really, really love! Thank you.

  4. *loved* the neilson video. i want a video of my family like that too!

    black walls—wouldn't dare. wouldn't even think about it... at the moment, i'm trying to get most of the things in my room to be white (with light pink as an accent colour). even the curtains. yay for white space! =)

    and yay for the fact that i can comment on your blog! i be following you now!

  5. I saw that "whip my hair" video a while ago and was rolling on the bed laughing. John was just annoyed.

    I was so excited when I read about Liu Xiaobo! It's great that the Nobel Peace prize community was interesting in bringing to light the injustices of the Chinese government. Even with the backlash of the Chinese government they've kept to their guns!

    The ads were hilarious. I especially liked the Aflac duck.

    And black walls? They're totally fine, it just depends on the room in my opinion. But what I love more and want to do, are dark indigo blue walls!

    Thanks for the links!