02 September 2010

"Pearls Before Breakfast"

The fabulous idea to place a world-known violinist in a Metro station and see what happened combined with a wonderful writer captured me in this article 2007 Washington Post article, "Pearls Before Breakfast." I don't claim to be very knowledgeable about music, but being kind of in the dark about who wrote it and when and what's it called doesn't seem to take away from my ability to enjoy a lovely classical concert. No, I wouldn't have recognized Joshua Bell This is actually the first I've ever heard of his name. But would I have noticed the violinist? I don't know. I'm glad this article points out we need to slow down and appreciate beauty a little.

Turns out there's a YouTube video to it, too:

And I had to look up the music mentioned in the article, too:



  1. Oh my...I just spent the entire time I was supposed to be exercising to watch and read this post and though that means my body missed something today, my mind has been enlightened by the story and my soul enriched by the music. I'd say time well spent. Thank you.

  2. hey, thanks so much for the marla olmstead post, i had no idea who she was! and i want to read your thesis, it sounds interesting :)

  3. btw, about the x-ray photography, have u seen nick veasey's work?? ah-mazing.

    posting here cos somehow the i am not allowed to click on the other 'post comments' link. this happened yesterday too