30 June 2010

June's Links to Love


I really like this Laurena Poplin Beige fabric and wish it weren't sold out.

Another really fabulous apartment with a bunk bed!

Gorgeous etsy stamps

Beautiful flower teas:

If you had a castle, would you decorate the inside to fit its era or to be more modern, like this?

Quiet sand art.

Russian sand artist Kseniya Simonova touches with Russian history in her art and perfectly matched music (worth the 8 minutes):


A 96-year-old man plays Flight of the Bumblebee on the marimba! (You've gotta love musical Mormons.)

Eurovision song contest 2010 "Satellite" song.

French Gothic music video (found here at Infocult):


Poems on the spot. Your price.

I haven't read any of Sarah Dessen's books, but she sure has written some quotable lines that make me want to.

Yes, I Love Technology:

The history of Twitter.

The periodic table of the internet.

Blogger template design available to all users!

Google gravity.


Inventions for Mormons. (Add to the list if you have any ideas.)

Mormons and business on CNBC.

Long, but beautiful interview of Gary Ceran, the man whose wife, son, and daughter died in an accident on Christmas Eve in 2006.

Heeeeelarious comments on Mormon blogs in the last year. Oh man. I had to read every single one of them.


The cost of pets as calculated by mint.com.

England-U.S. goals recreated with legos:

I didn't know these silly bandz were in until NPR did a report on them.

The best family picture ever (it involves duct tape).

The ancient Hebrew conception of the universe (found here):

The secret powers of time presentation takes about ten minutes to watch, but it's really fascinating. Which time do you live in?

Witty alternative energy commercial:

I've been reading about the failure Jabulani soccer ball everywhere. It makes me want to try one out.

Oh wouldn't you love a GMail sweatshirt????

I think I could send a few pictures to beforeyouwerehot.com. You?

Have you heard of Windy, the plastic bag? NPR covers the story.

The coolest list--Wikipedia's list of misconceptions--I knew it about the cold air. I knew it! And the idea that sushi has fish in it . . . there are so many things to love about this list!

I've been wanting to see John Rabe for over a year. Do you know his story? He was a German who saved thousands of lives in China.

6 billion others--interviews of people all around the world.

The Seventeen Magazine Project (this girl followed the magazine's advice for a month). NPR interview.

Reason 115 to have a dog: hilarious child entertainment.

(Found here.)


  1. Silly bands. Yeah, I had no idea. Nor did I know anything about Justin Beber. I actually thought it was Bee-bird for a while. I'm still not even sure how to spell his name. How did we get old so quickly?

  2. I just looked up Justin Bieber. Oh my. He looks like he's ten.

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