28 June 2010

Empty Shelves

I liked A Black Sheep in Boston's post about simplifying your life and limiting physical items.

When I get stressed, I start throwing things away. And lately, I've gotten down to very few physical belongings, but I still wish I could get rid of more.

And how weird is this? I think the sight of an empty shelf is a very satisfying sight. Even though shelves exist to be filled.


  1. whoa i find it so very hard to part with my possessions! i can't really throw away unwanted paperwork either!

  2. Got a whole room full of empty shelves for you!

  3. I think that's better than going shopping when you're stressed. :) It's like those people that don't eat when they are stressed--are you kidding me? I gain 7 pounds when I'm stressed.

  4. I have been so completely absent from the blogosphere! I totally missed this link. Thank you, Michelle. Keeping things simple is a work in progress for me. I come from a long line of pack rats. =)