26 April 2010

Late Night Prattlings (Or a More Personal Taste of Michelle Than Has Recently Been the Case)

Hi. My name is Michelle and I can't sleep and I'm thinking of eating some Nutella to deal with it. But then I'd have to brush my teeth again because I can't stand the idea of my teeth rotting away while I sleep and I don't feel like brushing my teeth again. Maybe I'll go write some (bad) poetry instead. The unknown of life in a week is making me crazy which in turn makes me too tired to do anything about it.

I wake up most mornings and think, "That was an interesting dream. I should turn it into a book. I do wish I could sleep another five hours, though." Then a few hours later after my head has messed around with thoughts of health, visas, work, money, and love, I realize that I'm bonkers to think of turning my dream into a book and that I'm bonkers to want to turn my dreams into a reality. Reality is not dreamy; it is work--and hard work that I can't deal with right now.

Back into my bunk bed. Out.


  1. Well, Alice in Wonderland seems to be pretty dreamy. Maybe it isn't such a bad idea ;D

  2. It is usually at night that we become more gloomy and more positive if we sit in the sun. The moment you have unusual thoughts (and the Nutella one sounds at least a bit unusual) you have to greet them with other unusual things. Fight fire with fire,..;-) So why Nutella? Why not Caviar or washing your hands with milk?

  3. Nutella isn't unusual for me. It's my comfort food.