18 January 2010

My Incomparable Morning Routine

Pray to say thank you for my many blessings, ask for blessings for me and for my family, discuss my life, etc.
Make some breakfast (My favorite is probably bread with yogurt. Or crepes.) to eat while I:
Read my scriptures. This includes:

  • Book of Mormon, two pages or something I really need or some indexing.
  • A page of "The Holy Temple" brochure by Boyd K. Packer
  • A section of "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet.
  • A section of my patriarchal blessing.
  • My "Talk to Yourself" personal mission statement.
  • My notes from a general conference talk or a talk or lesson in church.
Review something about the German language.
Exercise. This includes:
  • Doing back and shoulder and stomach exercises.
  • Picking up a bunch of things with my feet, roll around on a ball, etc.
  • Going jogging or swimming.
Play the piano at the church.
Check Facebook.
Read all the new blog entries on my Google Reader.
Read my emails.

That's why I get up early. Otherwise I'd never get anything done.

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