15 November 2009


Yesterday, I kept scratching at these mosquito bites that were driving me bonkers. (If you know me, you know it is my personal opinion that you should scratch them as much as you want until they bleed, and then they will stop itching.) I had one on my face, two on my wrist, two on my elbow, and one on my finger, prime spots for getting annoyed what with watches, sleeves, hair, and general movement. And I couldn't find my anti-itch cream. (Actually, do I even have any?) But they didn't seem to be getting better, and when Jenny and Seppl looked at them later, they agreed with me that it was weird there were still mosquitoes around in November. Upon closer inspection, they said they didn't look like mosquito bites at all and suggested fleas or some other bug.

Before I went to bed, I found some slide show online with different bug bites, and it looks like bedbugs! Eek. Apparently they sneak out before daylight and suck your blood, and they can go for 18 months without eating. I think I'd much prefer the mosquito.

Yeah. I do not suggest that you read about bedbugs before going to bed. It was almost like in sixth grade after watching that movie about the bugs that live in our clothes and hair and skin. I remember walking around at recess and shivering with disgust and wishing I could go straight home and stay in the shower forever. But at least those bugs are ones you don't see. And they do something useful--they take care of all those dead skin cells. But bedbugs, no. They sneak out when you're completely unaware and leave you with really itchy bites. Like Alyssa said, sneaky little buggers.

I set my alarm to wake up and try to catch it/them at its/their work, but after about 3 I could barely sleep. I didn't find anything, and I don't have any new bites, but as soon as I have time today and as soon as its late enough to vacuum without incurring wrath, I'm going to clean everything.

I can't help thinking . . . seriously, me? Again? What other health-related thing is going to pop up this year? There's only a month and a half left . . . then again, this could be a good way to get me out of bed early each morning to get things done. That's a good attitude, right?

And at least I can say something that sounds really weird. I currently have the best cold of my life. I can barely notice it and I really think it's because of that nose surgery I had.


  1. I'm sorry that you have to deal with bedbugs! :( Have you stayed at a hotel lately? I've heard that they hide in your clothes or suitcase and travel home with you.