28 October 2009

Leipzig Opera

The day after movie day, Mike agreed to go to the opera with me. I'd never been and heard that The Barber of Seville was playing. Since I'd actually heard of it, I knew it had to be famous for a reason.

The building itself was very sparkly and tickets for students are cheap. Some people don't take the best pictures, but when you need someone to go with you, you can't be choosy:

I loved the opera. I loved the live orchestra and the amazing singing and the parts I recognized. And even the weird insect interpretation was interesting.

But you know what? That one part of the opera I thought I knew was non-existent. I finally realized I heard it on Little Rascals, where Alfalfa is warming up his vocalizer and he sings, "I'm the barber of Seville." You know the part? It starts at 6:10 (and is it just me, or does Ms. Crabtree look like a transvestite and have a fake voice?):

Why? Did I just miss that part? Here's one of the songs from the opera:

Some day when I have a more regular job, I'm going to get season tickets! What other operas should I see (I guess I already have a huge list from John, but I'm open to more ideas)?

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