10 October 2009

Halloween Party

I know it was way too early to have a Halloween party, but that didn't stop 25 or so of us from having a blast last Monday. I was lucky that so many people contributed. I hardly had to do anything. I baked breadsticks, sent some emails, made an invitation, asked people if they were coming, asked people to do things, and ordered people around. Quite simple. I didn't do the decorations, I didn't bring the games, I didn't buy the pumpkins, etc.

Some things that made me smile:

  • The sisters dressed up as each other.
  • During pumpkin carving I realized we could bake the seeds and it worked out quite well.
  • Benni came under a sheet with two holes cut into it, just like I suggested.
  • Watching people try to eat hanging donuts is hilarious.
  • So is apple bobbing.
  • People dressed in Halloween costumes and wielding knives for pumpkin carving can be pretty creepy.
  • Christina did an awesome job with the lighting. It was exactly what I'd imagined. Dark.
  • I had Halloween music playing from the two computers using a YouTube play list I made.

Like I said, a blast.

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