20 September 2009

Russian Tongue Twisters

Just a test to see if my brother ever reads my blog.

Klara ukrala u Karla Korally, a Karl u Klary ukral klarnet. (Clara has stolen corals from Carl, and Carl has stolen a clarinet from Clara.)

Na dvore - trava, na trave - drova, ne rubi drova na trave dvora. (There is grass in the garden, there is firewood on the grass, don't cut firewood on the grass of the garden.)

Shla Sasha po shosse i sosala sushku. (Sasha was walking along the street and eating a biscuit.)

And finally, I think this is the one he told us:

Yekhal Greka tcherez reku, vidit Greka v reke rak; sunul Greka ruku v reku, rak za ruku Greku tsap. (Greka was walking across the river, Greka saw a crayfish in the river; Greka put his hand in the river, and the crayfish snatched Greka's hand.)

I have no idea how to say any of them, but I wish now I'd recorded Jeff saying the last one. Who knows? Maybe he'll read this post and send me a youtube link of himself.


And he does! What do you know? (Actually, I suspect he heard about this post from Amy, but okay.)


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  2. Is that youtube video your brother? He's cute.

    And I can't believe he's actually saying something. Wow!