24 August 2009


I loooove German yogurt. The cheapest kind is amazing. I have to sit down and really enjoy yogurt, which reminds me of Ellen DeGeneres making fun of Gogurt because it never took that long to eat yogurt anyway.

Other people tell me they really like yogurt, but I don't think that's true because I've noticed a pattern: I seem to be the only one who really uses their spoon to get as much out of that cup as possible. This picture is proof.

Am I the only one who cleans that thing out?

Every time someone eats one of my yogurts and then hands me the cup to throw it away, I think of cleaning the rest out for them.

Not only is yogurt pleasing to the palate, I read somewhere that yogurt can be used as a moisturizing mask for the face. One day I used up all my yogurt and then realized there was still enough on the sides of the container to make a mask. I tried it out, and though I smelt like sour cream, it felt lovely.

From October to January, there's an apple-raisin kind at Aldi that's amazing. Jeff knows what I'm talking about. Now in the summer season there's a lovely lime-mascarpone flavor I've fallen for. If you come visit me, I promise to buy you your very own yogurt.

Until then, here I am enjoying it:


  1. um, a video of you eating yogurt?

  2. I LOVE German yogurt! Haven't been able to eat much American yogurt since I got back from Wien.

    Also, I love that you posted a video of you eating it. Awesome!

  3. When we lived in London we became addicted to their yogurt! And since we've moved back, yogurt has never been the same. The closest (which isn't even that close) has been Horizon's Organic yogurt. Yoplait is TERRIBLE!!! Eat it up while you can :)

  4. I agree with anonymous. That was kind of weird.

  5. I'm on a Stonyfield Banilla kick right now.

    Okay, I skipped the video, but now I have to go back and look :o)

  6. you obviously didn't try bulgarian yogurt when you were there... or maybe you did.

  7. i like the wall behind you in your video. color!

  8. Love the yogurt too. I never considered filming myself eating it... one of my favs is Froop.

    So I didn't realize you had a personal blog into addition to the Cultural Comparisons. We need to meet! If you are coming to Berlin let's meet up! Perhaps I should come to Leipzig?