15 July 2009

Salt Lake Trip Until Now

I gratefully got an extension on my master's thesis, meaning I could stop freaking out and spend time with my family.

I have been:

-catching up on barely putting a dent in my enormous lists of mostly-suggested movies (several French) and books and music from the local library.

-spectating (that is now a word in my book, in case you were wondering) my dad and brothers' softball games, where my mom holds other people's chubby babies--check out the roll in the middle of this kid's forearm.

-eating mom's gourmet cooking (who knew homemade pizza could be so good?).

-cleaning off counters, washing dishes, etc. (And no matter how many reasons I hear, I will always think that having 8 brownie pans is just an excuse to not have to wash them as often.)

-barbecuing with friends.

-doing tae bo in the mornings.

-getting frustrated with the lack of fast internet and the build-up of things I can only get done online.

-working out what I get from Grandpa's house before it gets sold (I can't stand to think of it. I miss him dearly).

-sleeping on beds that make my back hurt and couches that make me forget about the beds that make my back hurt.

-going through my stuff that stayed behind in Salt Lake and realizing how much my books, journals, scrapbooks, etc. are items that in some way are connected to my identity. I love them.

-doing anything that people open up with "does anyone want to . . ." because how often do you get to do things with your family otherwise?

-getting through a sinus infection/cold (are Germans right about air conditioning causing infections, or was it triggered by these mountain desert weed allergies?)

-working on the details of Chopin's "Minute Waltz" and finding a nice version of Pachelbel's "Canon in D" for Petula's wedding.

-visiting my brother and sister's singles ward (where Jeff laughed at me for riding Heidi's bike to church in a skirt).

-going to ward activities like the dessert social, the neighborhood barbecue, and the ice cream night.

-trying to arrange EFY and JAE Conference details.

Time's going fast. I don't have time to do all I want to, and I still have a lot to do for the last point. The last few weeks have been just what I needed and the next few should be awesome.


  1. Hey Michelle!! I would love to get together sometime before you leave... my in laws are in town this weekend. they leave Tuesday morning.. would you want to go to dinner or something Tuesday night or Wednesday night?? maybe we could get Heather and Melissa to go too?? Is Melissa living here now??

  2. Add to your list:

    - meeting blogging friends.

    It was great to meet you in person, Michelle, and here a little about your thesis. You seem to be finding a lot to enjoy about your visit despite the circumstances. Have a safe trip back, and good luck with your continued schoolwork.