14 May 2009

Thesis Distraction #3

What do you do when you have a free day and no internet access, you've already cleaned your room and baked two loaves of bread, you have a thesis to write, and your carpal tunnel is acting up after a measly three pages of 90?

Of course! You organize your iTunes library for many, many hours (the number is unadmittable). I've wanted to do that for so long, but really, did I have to start now? Naming songs, organizing playlists, and creating genres for more than 6500 songs takes a long, long time.

(Juli, a lovely German band.)

I'm still tweaking, but here are my genres:

Alternative Rock
Children's Music
Christian Rock
Classic Rock
Classical (I should probably be more specific here since there are so many)
Country (no worries, there are less then twenty songs in this list)
Garage Band
German Book on Tape (I'm debating if I should unseparate the German stuff, but its just somehow different)
German Children's Music
German Girl Rock
German Jazz
German Rock
German Soul/Rap
Girl Emo (for some reason I like male musicians more, so I have less girly music)
Girl Pop
Girl Rock
Indie (slight differences between the Indies, but when you have enough you have to differentiate)
Indie Alternative Rock
Indie Emo
Indie Rock
Interview (one, of me)
Mormon Cheese
National (only the German national song so far)
Oldies (very different from classic rock)
Orchestral Rock (if you haven't heard the orchestral versions of Coldplay and Metallica, you are missing out)
Pop Rock
Punk Rock
Religious Children's Music
Ska Punk Rock
Soft Rock (I had to laugh because every time I categorized something as "Soft Rock" that was pretty much condemning it to the list I justified not deleting because I "might want to hear one of those songs some day.")
Sound Effects (only the sound of an alarm clock--why do I even have that? And why can't I delete it?)
Soundtrack (I don't believe "soundtrack" is really a genre and plan to split up all the songs, because the album names already identify them as soundtracks)

Listening to hundreds of songs, even if only for a few seconds each was wonderful. It just confirmed to me how much I love music and how many good songs I have.

How is your music organized? Do you have playlists by moods you're in? (I do, maybe for another post.)

Before I go, happy birthday to Jenny! Thanks for being there for me! So, now back to writing, listening to background music organized by genre . . .


  1. nice, that is a project I still need to undertake someday. making playlists is a favorite past time, i need to pick that up again...

  2. wow, I didn't know there were so many music genres! it made me laugh when you wrote sorry about the country music, I like country music, not the twangy stuff though - try Phil Vasar, I love his stuff. Also, try Paul Cardall for religious/calming/peaceful music and also you should listen to his CD "Songs of Praise", he wrote the music with Steel Crosswhite and it's great Christian Rock.

  3. I'm just impressed that you HAVE so much music. My iTunes has stayed mostly intact since I got it two years ago. I keep telling myself to buy some new tunes...

    My playlists are "Sunday" and "Party."


  4. my favorite is "mormon cheese." at first i was like.. what....? but i think i know exactly the type of music in that category.

    my favorite playlist in Jonathan's itunes is "chicks that rock." tori amos, sheryl crow, alanis, etc. hahaha.

  5. Ummm...you forgot a "Cabin" category. Just thought I'd let you know.