03 November 2008

Half-Fast in my Dreams

After reading some blogs last night, including that of Half-Fast, I went to bed. During the night, I dreamt that I was in an outdoor library (there were bookshelves and a floor, but somehow it was outdoor--hey that rhymed). I can't remember what I was doing exactly (I had been jogging but now I was trying to take a picture or something), but suddenly this guy ran past me. I stared at him, and he stopped and turned. It was Vanilla himself! Who knows how, but we recognized each other and stopped to say hi. Except after the "hi," we didn't know what to say. I asked him how he gets so many readers on his blog, and he said he was just a casual blogger, and then he stopped blogging altogether for a month, and after that, he had 2 million hits. He said his wife Candis had even more. (I'm not sure how the break led to the hits, but it was a dream, so deal with it.) After that, we really didn't have anything to say, so we stood there awkwardly and then he ran off. Weird.

Should I take a month break? ;)


  1. Was I wearing my lucky blue race shirt? Because Candis already thinks I wear it too much.