29 August 2008

Church Meetinghouse Locator . . . Find Places of Worship Map?

As someone who 1. always attends church and 2. loves to travel, I use the "Church Meetinghouse Locator" quite often. Have you seen the new version? Not sure what I think about it, though it's a step up from guessing which cities are closest . . .


  1. I just tried my own branch. It said that it's my assigned branch, but that my #2 is in Cambridge, Mass.

  2. Great . . . one negative testimonial. Can you call it a testimonial if it's negative? Anyway, yeah.

  3. I haven't had good results with it but also as someone whose job is on the internet I find the whole site terribly frustrating. I can get lost deep in the cached pages and never have a clue where I am or how to get there again. Not really user friendly.

  4. We tried to figure out where we're supposed to go now that we've moved. The website gives us the wrong ward and says they meet at 2:30 AM.

  5. Also, I'm with scribbit. The church website is remarkably user-unfriendly.

  6. Hey everyone -- I'm working on the mapping application referenced above and have some comments & questions:
    @Amy -- hopefully you've submitted any incorrect meetinghouse locations using the Feedback link. They really do respond to those. Regarding "#2 in Cambridge" -- I don't know where you actually are, so I don't know what the issue is... Is it that there is a second congregation assigned to your area (student ward, language ward, etc.)?

    @scribbit -- are you talking about lds.org in general or the mapping site in particular?

    @Amy again -- make sure to let local leaders know about incorrect times; they are responsible to keep them updated.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone -- keep it coming!