19 June 2008

Week Highlights

I was told that I have the best English "[he's] heard in Germany." Ha ha. I love that.

I bought a new bike. I love to ride it! I got it from the Leipzig/German version of Craig's List (Das Schwarze Brett) and I only paid 30 Euros for it. See my post about bikes at my cultural comparisons blog. I should name my bike. Any ideas?

My tomato plant (singular) has grown. Barely. I should name it, too.

After the first day, my block seminar was canceled until next week.

I made some of the best bread yet. Okay, so I use bread mix, but my bread is always funny. Half of it goes down the drain because it refuses to remove itself from my hands (the mixer I used to use went with the roommate who moved out). And the middle is always gooey, but not this time. And yes, there is a missing chunk in the picture where I got a little to eager to try it.

The class I teach lasted less than thirty minutes this week. Ha ha ha. I guess this shows my POV that classes are just there to give you motivating deadlines. I'm also quite proud that I corrected/graded all of the essays they turned in that very day and that they are getting better.

Mike saw me coveting those zippy jackets with crazy patterns on them that are in right now (I think in both America and Germany), and somehow he got me one! If my eyes look horrible in this picture, it's because they are (allergies). Let's just say I can't wait until we have my animals in America class in the park this afternoon. Not.

I finally watched some of Euro 2008 (guilty pleasure). You can watch online for free at this website by clicking on "Live Video."


  1. I love the bike you got! I miss riding my bike around town. SF is slightly like Europe, there are bike lanes everywhere, and there's a HUGE commuter bike culture. Have you heard of a bakfiets?

  2. Wow, how in the world do people ride bikes in San Francisco? I think I would die. That's the one good thing about Leipzig being so flat.

  3. My flute and piccolo both have names so you can't take the names Ethel or Lucy. :)

  4. Ethel or Lucy? Those are hilarious and lovely at the same time. Now I want to use them. Somehow I don't think your flute or piccolo will ever meet up with my bike or tomato plant . . . please?

  5. aaaaah !

    You described a poor german grandmas bike, wich is used every other day for shopping, but I never had and never will have such a bike ;)

    Go to any big river in the summer and there you have them. the german bikes today. In the summertime and on sunny weekends all the rivers (the bycicle lanes next to them ) are full with bikers. Millions are on two wheels in these days, and its becoming more and more popular because of increasing gasprices ( 9 $ per gallon right now ).
    And then you see a real german bike .. wich doesnt exist, because its all internationalized. We mainly use Giant, Scott, speaciallized, Wheeler .. and the rich germans buy the german brands like " Riese und Müller " or Kalkhoff and others, or the good old GDR brand Diamant. ;)

    Germany is way up to date, but not the old gereration, and since we have soooo many old people here, you may think germany only has old bikes ...

    Cars are crazy expensive. Trains too, so we have to use bikes..

    but i like it how you observe us ;) keep on.

    Aaron ;)