05 June 2008

Global Rich List

I found this site interesting. According to this site, I am the 838,800,589 richest person in the world. I'm in the top 13.98% of income in the world. The only thing this site doesn't take into account is the fact that compared to what is needed to live where I live, my amount is horrible. Why don't they just put, "You should move to Africa and then you could eat whatever you wanted and have a nicer apartment and buy a bike."

Did I mention I took my bike to get fixed Tuesday and the nice man declared it a piece of junk that wasn't worth fixing?

1 comment:

  1. Hi! I just saw your comment and I am amazed =) Thanks a lot, it's something really cool to think about... That people read about my life and I have no idea...
    I feel better already by the way! =)