28 June 2008

Blast from the Past

I just happened to be clicking through someone's pictures on facebook because I saw that he was engaged, and I came upon this:

Every now and then, old pictures or pictures you didn't even realize existed show up in the least-expected places. And what do you know, I wasn't labeled in the picture, and neither was Eric, so I did the honors.

The most interesting thing about this picture (I think) is that it shows so much about the status of things at the time.

1. I'm wearing tights, which means that I was working at the Family History Library.
2. I'm wearing tights, which also means it's winter and I didn't feel like shaving.
3. I'm with Joey and Eric, which means that it was the Joey/Michelle/Eric-trio-time-of-life. Eric and I are only there because of Joey. Neither of us really know Paul that well, and this was his homecoming luncheon for family and close friends. Ha ha.
4. I'm with Joey and Eric, which means I was about to get my mission call.
5. I'm next to Eric but we're not quite cuddling or holding hands or anything, because we didn't know what to do with the upcoming mission call.
6. Eric is showing his typical macho friendliness, in the direction of some real person instead of the camera.
7. Joey is showing his typical goofy smart-guy friendliness with the face he's making (also in a different direction) and the fact that his legs are crossed.

I miss those days. It was always fun being with those two. Now they're both married and working and we're all in different states/countries. Time flies.

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