15 May 2008

By Bread Alone

Yesterday when I pulled milk out of the fridge, it smelled alright. Then I tried to pour some into a bowl to make "pancakes" (milk and flour and that's about it). Look at this picture carefully. That's not liquid coming out. That's a slimer. That's what happens when you only use milk for cooking. I now know the true meaning of mealcakes. All that I had left in my fridge was strawberry jam, so I decided it was probably time to go shopping.

Today at the store I decided to give in to those feelings of guilt I've been having ever since VV8 talked about food storage. I bought extra hand soap, toilet paper, laundry soap, bread mix, four, and rolls. If only you could have seen me struggling home with a hiker's backpack heavier than when I go backpacking and a heavy bag and a pack of toilet paper besides. All my bags stopped traffic in the pharmacy as I bought some meds for my developing sinus infection. (How do you say "ENT," or better yet, "deviated septum" in German?) When I got home, I filled up a few old bottles that roommates had abandoned and voila! I have food storage. If something happens, I will not live by bread alone (probably because I will have no way to cook it anyway), but also by water. And soap.

There's always the debate of who's going to share their food in an emergency and the old joke about Uncle Scott's gun being kept with his food storage. Today I started wondering about missionaries. It just doesn't work for them to have food storage. I will share what I have with them, but as you can see, it isn't much.


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  2. Can't really see the milk pic too clearly, but when you've got sour milk, it's time to make never-fail cake! Way to go on the storage!

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