29 April 2008

Tanya, I'm Coming! (And Siblings, and Parents, and Others)

1 363 U.S. dollars = 874.110178 Euros

That looks a lot somewhat better than

985 Euros = 1 535.9105 U.S. dollars

which is what it was looking like I was going to have to pay last week. My trick: ignore all those people who keep trying to tell me that they can't find anything cheaper and to book three separate legs of the trip by myself (paying an extra 2 dollars to stop in San Francisco for a few days to see my sister, bil, nephew, and niece, Melissa, Nelly Pea, and Chris). Nevertheless, the combination of summer travel and recent drama with airlines and gas prices are enough to make me not want to look at my credit card for a while. As always, donations welcome.


  1. Hmmmmm, maybe this benefit concert I am doing can be called just "a benefit concert" and the procedes can go to those in need. . . or those deserving. . .i.e. Michelle.I am so glad that you are coming!