21 April 2008

German Visitor, German/Russian Sites, German Cooking, and German Style

Another eventful weekend has gone by. A dude from Jeff's mission (Matti) came to visit. I finally got a closer look at the Russian church here in Leipzig.

I didn't want to pay a Euro to go in, so here's the door.

I thought this old Russian word looked like "Utah." Agree?

Another view from the top of the Völkerschlachtdenkmal (a monument of the Battle of Nations between a whole bunch of allied countries and Napoleon in 1813) gave us this view. Don't tell me this isn't beautiful.

One-fourth of the way up (or three-fourth of the way down, depending how you look at it), you can already see Leipzig's skyline:

This is a sneak preview of what you'll see inside (it's Lord of the Rings-ish) when you come to visit me!

I saw my first Deutsche Dogge. Man, it was huge. Its head was bigger than Jeffy Big Head's. I found it completely hilarious that the lady who owned the dog kept trying to get the dog to look at the camera while she took this picture. It's a dog! I wanted a picture of the size, not the dog smiling or something. Ha ha.

City center picture: not sure what Matti's hiding from.

Since I was staying at the Skibbes, Philipp and I did some mad cooking together while Jule and Matti played with the kids. I've wanted to learn how to make rouladen for a long time. Now I know how, and it tasted fabulous! (I taught Philipp how to make banana bread and apple pie.)

The inevitable finally happened: I wore brown and black together, very acceptable in Germany. It started with just the black tights and the tiny bit of brown on the shoes. Then Jule told me my skirt was too dirty after making pie and had me put on her brown skirt before we went to the fireside that was not a fireside. (The speaker showed pictures and told stories about his trip to Tahiti and then we ate salad and cake. I wrote one thing in my small plates: "President Bauerfeind fireside.")

Now a reward for all of you are still reading. This morning on my way back home from the Skibbes, I was listening to my iPod in the train when I felt something buzz and heard a noise behind me. I had my backpack on and thought, "Phone?" but I had my handy (cell phone) in my coat pocket. I decided it was the train and ignored it. Then when I was walking up the stairs in my apartment building, I heard it very clearly, and I racked my brains for what in my backpack could possibly be buzzing. Then it hit me and I laughed: my electric toothbrush had somehow switched on! Ha ha.


  1. I love reading about your European life. Sorry I don't have anything clever or interesting to say in this comment.

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