10 April 2008

4 Inconsequential Items

1. Dude, I want this swimsuit. It's not going to happen, despite Tanya's and other people's remark that my swimsuit is so done. Who pays $54 just for a top? Maybe someone who swims a lot, or has a rule about always having a swimsuit with you (Amy's mother-in-law). For those of you who want to see more, look here.

2. My class went well. I hope we can learn
together. I'm super excited for construction of race. Today I laughed with the professor about the Seinfeld where Elaine thinks her boyfriend is black and he thinks she's Spanish, so when they find out they're wrong, the basis of their relationship (to be an interracial couple) is gone and they break up. Ha ha.

3. Shopping for roommates (or letting people check us out) has brought us closer than ever before. We arrange time to be together and talk about our plans while we're in the same room. Too bad Ulli's leaving now just when we're getting more of that family feel that she wanted.

4. Tomorrow I am headed to Frankfurt for the first time. Wahoo!


  1. You're already teaching? That's cool. And, yeah, you do need a new swimsuit.

  2. Oops, Tanya has been leaving comments under the guise of John's blogger sign-on. By the way nice swim-suit.