31 March 2008

Green Health Day

I have good news to post in the health area. I went to the skin doctor today, who was very nice. Even though I have to call her back about what kind of medicine I had from Dr. Odell, she said she would backdate the prescription so it would fit in the first quarter of the year (so I don't have to pay more).

Also, I was digging around the baby food at the nearby pharmacy before my appointment. All the mush stuff seemed to have good amounts of iron in it, but it was seemingly expensive. Then I remembered someone had told me you didn't need a prescription in Germany to get iron supplements. I found them around the corner from the baby food. They were 79 cents for a 30-day supply of tablets. I bought two and was fabulously pleased that I can use it in place of tea. It's cheaper, it tastes exactly like this tea I have at the institute, I'll be drinking at least a glass of liquid (which I forget to do some days), and it's getting me the iron I suspect I need.

Lastly, I tried my friend Francy's suggestion for spinach during lunch today, which was the following:

If it's spinach:
- wash it
- put the leaves into boiling water for 10 seconds
- use paper towels to dry them a little bit
- cut the spinach
- put it into a pan with a little butter, salt, and pepper (if you like
it, also a bit of sugar) for 5 minutes.
Tastes good with mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs.

At first, this is what I ended up with (that's a normal-sized spoon):

That stuff sure shrinks when you cook it. Maybe that's the point, so you don't have to taste so much of it. So, I added more and the tiniest bit of the celery I found on the street and gave to my roommate (that's another story, don't worry, it was in a bag and we can wash it) and ended up with this:

Here's what it looked like with the taters (which I love with the peels, thanks Mom):

Here's me giving it a try. There's sure a lot of green in this picture: the wall, the ribbon in my hair, my sweater, and the spinach in my mashed potatoes. It kind of makes my eyes look green, too. I guess that's to say goodbye to March.

I liked it! Of course, I'm not sure what the point of having something is when you have to cover up the taste. I don't think I tasted a bit of spinach in there, or even potato. I just tasted butter, salt, and the chunkier German pepper, which make a nice combination. I'll at least keep this up until this bag is gone:

After having seen how much makes how little today, I'm sure it won't take long.

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