05 January 2008


Really random, unorganized post:

I took this picture yesterday, thinking this was one of those funky mysteries that would probably never be solved.

Who is Thor? I was surprised that Wikipedia had an answer about a clothing brand that had a symbol that upset a lot of people in Germany. (I was brought to this) I only had more questions after reading the article, so I had to look up the runes, not even sure what they are or where they come from, other than the fact that they have pagan origins. (I went to this and this. Naturally, I had to then read this.) Does this group in Kassel seem to have a few contradictory goals here? Maybe I need to brush up on a few historical details, but it seems like by drawing from pagan symbols, Hitler didn't realize what he was doing.

Look at the power of the signifier and the signified! Anytime I can point out my favorite literary theory, I won't hesitate. That's Poststructuralism if I ever saw it.

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