20 November 2007

That Thing They Did

Today I had to compromise. It was one of those things where the editor inside me wanted to fight for justice. I even wondered what Mr. White from That Thing You Do would say about it. (If you haven't seen the film, just know that one of the best parts is where Jimmy says, "No, no, it's the 'Wonders,'" and Lenny replies, "Got it. Looks like the 'O=Needers.'")

Our journal is aspeers and will remain that way.

They said that they would never think of typing it into Google with a space in the middle. I said that the line in the middle signified a space in between the words so it should only be used in the brand and the name typed normally should have a space. They said that it really is only one word and so it should be typed "aspeers," in bold, both of which make even less sense to me.

The thing is, no matter how I look at it, "aspeers" looks like the horribly misspelled verb "aspires" or a new verb that someone is trying to make up. And a bolded journal title? That's weird.

Despite the fact that I don't think it was a good decision, I'm glad a decision has been made.

In case the submission guidelines are not clear, anyone can submit for the second section, as long as it is in response to the subject. You don't have to be going to school in Europe or going to school, really. Get writing! We're also looking for photo and art submissions.


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